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“Serendipity” is an unexpected discovery located in the middle of where the city reveals itself, amid its hustle and bustle, right in the middle of the starting point for the exploration of Naples.

Our new establishment, situated in a historic building in the Piazza Garibaldi area, close to the city’s main railway station, Napoli Centrale, which is a nerve center for communication, business and trade, offers an optimal solution for anyone who needs to stay in Naples either for work or a pleasant holiday.

The building boasts a strategic position: just a few steps further, you can find the ancient and crowded streets of the historic city center as well as get to the elegant neighborhoods full of boutiques and bars; come  across castles, and  get to discover the other treasures hidden in the city.

In front of the building you can find:

  • The “Alibus” bus service that connects with Naples International Airport (Capodichino).
  • The Naples Metro’s Line 1 and Line 2.
  • The Circumvesuviana railway service, by which it’s possible to reach both Pompeii and Herculaneum Archaeological Sites, as well as other destinations on the Sorrento Peninsula.
  • Bus routes by which you can reach the harbor, and therefore, cruise ships, ferries, and hydrofoils.
  • Bicycle-sharing system.

Just less than one minute’s walk from our premises you can find whatever you might need. Piazza Garibaldi is packed with several restaurants, both Neapolitan and ethnic, bookstores and other businesses which make it a bustling place and, at the same time, easy to live in.